Notes on My Travel Product Recommendations

I have mentioned brand names in my travel product recommendations only when I think the brand matters.  Sometimes, the brand of the item doesn’t matter but other times it does, and in the latter instance I will name the brand.  My recommendations are sincere – I am not affiliated with any of the companies related to these products and I have received no compensation, reward or any other type of advantage for having recommended them.

I have favourite foods to bring while traveling, but I am not going to bother recommending them here, as tastes in food are so individual.  That said, one recommendation is to BRING FOOD when you travel, whatever you like.  Being totally foodless sucks, and frequent travelers may easily wind up foodless when delayed in small airports late at night, or when arriving in rural communities late at night, or when traveling in exotic places where the food is unhygienic or simply unappealing.

You are welcome to express your own opinions about travel products in the comments sections.


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