Westclox Travel Alarm Clock

This solid little digital clock lasts through anything.  I think I’ve had mine for twenty years now.  It does not break.  It’s super lightweight and requires one AA battery.  It has a push-button light so you can illuminate the digital display in the dark if needed.  The alarm isn’t too obnoxious, either.  Unlike a clock with hands, it makes no ticking sound.



One response to “Westclox Travel Alarm Clock

  1. Awesome. I have had one of these since 1994. It uses two AAA batteries and I am pretty darn sure they are the original ones. I never remember changing them. I have moved quite a bit in the past thirty years and every time I open a box, there is the westclox still telling time. I just leave it alone and find it on the next move. I just found it again, still telling time. Amazing. Unfortunately I can’t find a manufacture date on the two energizer AAA batteries to see if they are the original ones. Either way, I haven’t changed the batteries in a really long long long time. Amazing.

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