Florastor Probiotics for Gastro-Intestinal Illness Prevention

Florastor is the nuclear bomb of probiotics, containing millions of “good guy” bacteria in every capsule.  By taking it twice a day, you can prevent bacteria that cause diarrhea and other problems from taking up residence in your gastro-intestinal tract.  A doctor recommended Florastor to me when I complained about getting sick on almost every trip I took, which was resulting in me taking far too many antibiotics.

I’ve used it for years now and it certainly does the trick.  I spent 3.5 months in Yemen and didn’t get sick in my digestive system once, even though my colleagues often fell ill.

Florastor is also useful for restoring the natural flora in your gut after you have taken antibiotics.

Florastor is expensive, but it’s worth it.  You may need to ask the pharmacist for it.  You don’t need a prescription for it, but it might be kept behind the counter.

Note that Florastor and other probiotics do not prevent amoeba or giardia.  They don’t make you “bullet-proof,” so using the “peel it, boil it, cook it or forget it” rule when in dicey situations still applies.



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